About Exchange Rate Lab

Exchange Rate Lab is a currency and exchange rate service that provides APIs and Data feeds for working with exchange rate data. Our custom built software brings in currency data from sources worldwide and processes it into our database. We then analyze this data and produce very simple APIs and feeds that developers can use to build exchange rate conversion tools. Our API's can output data in JSON, XML and JSONP format making it extremely flexible to integrate into your applications and our comprehensive sample code library offers plenty of examples for your faviourite language. At the moment we have sample in C#, PHP and Javascript. Our data can be used in all kinds of applications to perform currency conversion and if you have used our currency API's in your Application, we would love to hear from you and include a link to it in our showcase.

Our bespoke exchange rate software constantly calculates changing forex rates globally and saves all of that data into a database which is then processed for use in our API services. That might sound simple, but we actually currently record over 400,000 new exchange rate data points every month from lots of sources each with their own base exchange rates and data exchange formats. Our application processes everything as it changes in real-time and once an hour (for free users) updates our API datasets. Premium users get more accurate 15 minute updates to the data.

One of our goals is to make Exchange Rate Lab one of the webs most comprehensive exchange rate tool sets and we are always improving our tools and streamling our processes. When you register you can subscribe to our newsletter and we will send you updated features every few months. (Don't worry, we wont spam you!). Were working on building up our exchange rate history database and are currently processing historical foreign currency data from the last 10 years into our system. Exchange Rate Lab is a work in progress and we're always working to add some awesome features. Something you need? Contact us and we would be happy to help

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