Whats New - Changes and New Features


Lots of you have asked about receiving feeds via e-mail. Introducing Feeds By Email. Now available for premium users: Receive CSV, JSON, EXCEL or XML feeds automatically delivered to your inbox daily or weekly. Premium users can now choose to receive automatic updates via e-mail.


Direct Feed Download. You can now download feeds in CSV, XML or JSON format directly from your account page. (Premium Users only). This is an authenticated API call and each download will add a single API hit to your daily request limit. Downloads use the current exchange rate at the point in time you generate the download. This is useful to integrate with older third party applications that do not work well with modern API's such as Sage accounting software.


Premium access to our forex API is now available. We are opening Premium Access to a limited number of users. We have priced this at $49 (non-refundable) per year, which we believe is very fairly priced for the amount of work and management that our service requires on a daily basis. You will be able to access more API calls, to further streamline your applications as well as access direct feed downloads. When we add premium features in the future, you will automatically get access to these as well. To upgrade simply login and you can upgrade via an option in your account menu.


Just some minor adjustments to the API. We have added a Direct currency conversion API call. This call will directly convert one value to another in your selected currency. (Premium Users Only). We have also fixed a bug in the get current exchange rate call when passing USD as the currency (which should always return 1.00 as we always use USD as the base currency).


Some news about behind the scenes development work. We have begun the process of adding a further 4 exchange rate providers to our database which will increase the accuracy of our exchange rate data further and allow us to provide more frequent data updates. For most users an hourly update is more than adequate however premium users will eventually get finer granularity on exchange rate data.


For those of you interested in using JSONP to access our feeds, we have added some JSONP examples to our documentation. JSONP is a commonly used data exchange protocol for designing mobile and single page web applications. JSONP gets around cross site restrictions when you make AJAX requests to other sites.

This page was last updated on 13/10/2014
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